Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Transform your furniture project by tonika, chapter one

This is the first one of the series. As we just moved and were left with quite a few unwanted furniture pieces from previous owners, we decided to give them a second chance, and work a bit of magic using simple tools.

Main component: We loved proportions and colour of Trollsta sideboard but it was a bit too “fancy” for us and the lace-like detail seemed a bit like it might date fast.
Target: create long piece of storage made of two trollsta side boards for living room
Action: decorative metal base with legs was taken off and replaced with wheels/ casters, added “handles” are made from black rubber sitting in the purpose drilled holes finished with black plastic capping; for more more office like look we added letters and numbers sprayed with black paint for all doors and drawers.

Old dresser and chunky sideboard next...

For more inspiring ideas on transforming Ikea furniture see Ikea Hackers blog

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