Pinart combines mixed media including string, ink, pins and paper etc.
creating tree dimensional dynamic image.

Change will come detail
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Snow Deer detail

My images tell stories of dreams, ambitions and imaginary ventures.

pinart detail

Chase your dream - work in progress shot.

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one of three in triptych Chase Your Dreams - private commission

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pinart design on iphone case made via Casetagram

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if you are interested in purchasing or commissioning pinart please contact me.
Pinart is also available at MADE HERE gallery.

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  1. Hi, I would like to commission a pin art for my grandaughters 4th birthday,

    Her Name is Eloise and she loves princesses, fairies and glitter !!!

    I wonder how much this would cost, It does not need to be too big

    Thank you Freida, I will try an get to your exhibition at BRINK and if you could let me know of any other exhibitions you are having in the future.

    I would also like you to contact Olwen at Editions Gallery in Cook Street

    07970660081 and tell her Freida said she would love your work and hopefully an exhibition.

    I think your work is wonderful and i am very proud of the artwork i bought from you at St Georges Hall. I hope you are doing well,

    Freida x

    1. Freida!
      Thanks for your message! I have responded by sending you message through Facebook. Hope this is fine:). Speak soon x


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