up-cycled handbags project

Idea of scrap tote bags came to me when I realised how much waste I- as a designer- produce in the design process.


 Mountains of fabric and wallcovering samples were growing on my desk and I was heartbroken thinking that most of them will end up in the bin.

mood boards

Of course lots of companies follow their green policies and re-use swatches and material, but not all of it is suitable for facing another design round.

I started to think about collection of bags in lovely bright colours of Lani fabrics from Vescom and poetic pieces by Kvadrat.

That is how the collection started. 

greys warm tones and nature - inspired by Jack Johnson music and nature
Fabrics are mixed with every day leftover pieces like nylon webbing (maybe used to secure load on the truck), old beads, belts etc.
feel the summer
I received fantastic response from fabric manufactures, especially Vescom enthusiastically supports project and promote the idea of second life given by new design.
Project is totally based on wabi-sabi concept which  suits my MESy style and re-used and upcycled nature of my creations.


Sample board for each bag is created individually and reflects mood and music colours remind me of.
Handbags are one of experience of colours and happiness from creating something unique and precious to me as I put my heart in it.

If you would like to discuss your own commission for a bag contact me on: 


  1. Hi Monika,

    Thankyou for my bag - it is simply stunning!!!! More importantly, it is practical and hard wearing, perfect for every day use!!! xx Helen

  2. Such. A. Fan. Well done you! They are stunning... So glad you came across my Instagram image and asked me to browse your blog. It's so lovely x

  3. Your bags are fabulous - I really enjoyed seeing them on Saturday at the Bluecoat. Sometimes I wish I could sew.....

    1. Sarah! Thanks for stopping by! thank you for your lovely comment its an honour from such a great artist like you. Hope to see you soon!


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