Wednesday, 8 February 2012

art project- re-use & upcycle

work in progress

I have started work on series of accessories and stationery which are totally based on wabi-sabi concept which totally suits my MESy style and suits re-used and upcycled nature of my creations.

mood board inspired by music and colours

Here is the scrap tote bangs series inspired by music and colours. All of them are made of fabric scaps and samples, reused beads and safety tape from b&q.
grey palette warmed up with orange and Jack Johnson

I have started to experiment with wood recently, this is mainly to this that Tony is working on the house and we have lots of offcuts laying around. There is either option to burn it in our wood burner or do something creative with them. I have managed to rescue few pieces from tragic end and had a little play. Samuel was around and decided that they would be perfect for his mini city as wooden blocks. So a bit of sanding and paint and managed to create bunch of geometric shapes which you can use to create skyscrapers, boat, tower or whatever yet comes to your head. They also look lovely as a little sculpture decoration on my shelf.

wood scraps just before... 

and just after :)

All accessories and blocks will be available on Woolton Craft Fair this saturday 11th February, come and join us!

love this spring tones and juicy colours!

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