Wednesday, 28 March 2012

neutrals and neons

these little spring flowers from my boy inspired me to look for a neutral earth tones in decorating our bedroom, neutral texture rich canvas will be perfect background for splashes of neon colours which I like so much this spring
perfect combination of natural stone with bright colours

mood board above:
bedthrow, white bedding and cushion- IKEA
Diamatini & Domeniconi TIC clock face which I painted white, wooden magnets come as a part of clock together with giant magnet board
tove adman Edison concrete light - felt in love with it after reading about it on Sofia Landin Blog
Vescom -fabrics Lani range
and our fresh sanded floor!


TIC clock perfect family notice board

inspiration also for my scrap bags , my last creation is made from scraps in the shades of grey, lighten up with decorative pink stitching, for handle I have used old leather belt

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