Friday, 4 May 2012

Cardboard Concept and design competition!

Cardboard Concept is a cardboard furniture manufacturer who is just opening its UK division. This young company mixes creative vibe, flexibility of material and eco approach to design with free spirit.


CC co-operates with such great designers like DOT STUDIO and  Maciej Gardiasz just to name few. 
I am currently working on designs made of cardboard for CC which you will be able to view very soon.


In an mean time MESy have designed web site,image and other marketing material for  Cardboard Concept UK,


image: MESy design

visit CARDBOARD CONCEPT and let me know what you think.


To extend their furniture range with more creative and vibrant pieces, Cardboard Concept is launching design competition on 1st June for designers . 
Information will appear on the web site and on CC Facebook page which you can find HERE.

Have a go!


  1. Whoa...You are seriously talented!! Congrats on another awesome website that you have created,, as well as your involvement and creativity in coming up with designs for this innovative, sustainable and cool concept! You are an inspiration for the creative world, well done. We are looking forward to seeing your designs!

    1. Helena! Thank you very much. I am really excited about this little project. Hope the competition will be a success.

    2. ale super stronka....gratulacje


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