Monday, 21 May 2012

find the beauty in chaos: plaster love

it got to the point when my lovely house is in a great mess so to cheer myself up I was just taking shots of the creation/ building process 

Samuel's old bedroom looked so monochrome with walls and floors splashed with plaster and all this decoration gear

it will be great to look at all these pictures one day sitting in a clean living room wearing clean socks :)

                                                               images by:


  1. Beautiful photos! I wish I had the excuse of 'building work'for my messy home. Lovely blog by the way, will definitely be stopping by again. /Niki

    1. Niki, Thank you for your visit :) , I love the whole metamorphosis process at our house. Makes you feel like you creating something special :)).. plus tones of dust! See you soon


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