Friday, 17 August 2012


I have some interesting things to look forward to.
First of all almost complete 1st phase of our home modernization
and already started to get excited about the big changes on the ground floor.

- - - - - - - - -

What you think about combining studio with dining room? 
We are looking for super long (over 3 meters) piece which would act as a working bench for me and on the special occasions would transform into dining table to entertain guests in a "creative space".

doll house curiosity cabinet back on the wall yay!

tony and his ikea hack- ivar transformed
moved to bedroom, I think I like beer bottle on this picture the most :)

+ + + + + 


I received fantastic commission for my graphic so now going through sweet sleepless nights working on it like crazy. To all of that I will join the crew on Hope Street Festival in Liverpool on 16th September.
Here is a little sneak peak of everything that is happening now:

ink, white paper sculpture, pin art - all in progress

all images:


  1. I think combining dining room with work space works brilliantly - the best table for this is the Norden from IKEA (which you can paint white). Great table, really popular among designers here in Sweden! Looks fab with two industrial lights over exciting about your commission, look forward to seeing more! N x

  2. Thanks for the tip Niki, We are quite sure this will suit our life style. We also looking at vintage tables as finding something over 3 meters long its a bit tricky. Commission pieces ready now! Little presentation next week :)


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