Monday, 10 June 2013

Rafa Kids

I have no idea how come it took me so long to get this post ready but here it is: 
I wanted to share my love to one of the finest designers of kids furniture Rafa Kids. 

This creative couple use their experience as architects and parents to design unique range of kids beds. Collection includes toddler and teenage beds and wonderful combinations suitable for sharing in the room.

+ + +

Simplicity of the design is brilliant and its northern feel appeals to me highly.

+ + +

Now you Rafa beds are available at Bodie and Fou.

But check Rafa Kids shop first and meet this fantastic family.
Love the new whitewash finish! 

+ + +

all images: Rafa Kids


  1. Thank you so much! I think you just need this withe picture to show Rafa-kids finally on your blog! ;-)

    1. Ha! Its true this are probably my favorite shots so far! Although design is outstanding in all shades...


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