Wednesday, 30 May 2012

(con)temporary living

We are have decided to stay at home while my husband is refurbishing our house - 
well yes it is messy and tiring but it also helps us rethink some design decisions, 
practice living and get the feel for the space.


lounge is also working as a dining room, 
large box from antique store works well as coffee table,
we painted white strip on old parquet floor for cleaner look
black painted chimney breast disguises all imperfections in cracked walls

There is so many things we are doing different, 
because we know how we using our spaces.... 
....also so many things we are doing more than once...

walls everywhere filled with inspirational shots and dimension notes

What I just realised is that we are now living con temporary life in our home.

 Non of the spaces are how we want them to be when finished, 
but it doesn't stop us to have a bit of fun, 
decorate to make them feel more ours. 
We are experimenting with bold colours 
and solutions we would never try in other circumstances.
poetic drips

Surrounded by dripping freshly plastered walls we are carrying out our camping waiting for our dreams to come true.

back to basics- stripped down floor waiting for treatment


accidental hole in the ceiling still there 

For now, we are having fun with the space.

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  1. what a nice blog!!!!! laura from rome

  2. It's going to be so worth it, it'll look fab! Love the hole in the ceiling - what happened?!!! PS Your little one is soooooo sweet :)

    1. Thank you Niki Samuel is my little sweetie :)) Your girl is about the same age?
      I cant wait for the house to be done :)
      PS. Hole in the ceiling was probably the most scary thing - my husband fell through that hole from the bedroom floor down to the lounge while me and Samuel were sitting there! Not a pleasant experience and Tony is still recovering. There is photo of him looking through the hole in this post:

      well just another story to tell :)

  3. Great idea living there while you reno, I agree it would totally help you to get a feel for the place in a practical way? It looks amazing though, I love your style!

    1. Thank you Helena :) it has good and bad sides, but I would not be happy staying away from my home while it transforms :)

  4. We lived in our place while renovating, albeit not a whole lot of renovating, because we wanted to see how the house felt and what we needed to change to make it ours. The drips on the wall look like art but hope it wasn't a leak. Looking forward to more during and then after photos! Your floors look amazing btw...

    1. Thank you Nina, some days its frustrating and then I write posts like this one to cheer me up :) but when I see some parts finished and it looks better that I thought it makes it all worth it!

    2. Yes, the in between can be quite challenging but in the end you (hopefully) start to forget all the troubles you had during the construction...


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