Thursday, 24 May 2012

invent it yourself

or make it look different... I have been just browsing through my photos and was pleased noticing that I got much better with  not throwing things away but finding different use for them.
Of course this is all DIY these days,but  the main thing is that creating something makes you feel a bit like inventor...

old gym t-shirt, already marked with finger paint + fabric markers and horror vacui - just draw like crazy your kid gonna love it :)

if you do not want to have old round pine table top any more, you can always turn it into - round wardrobe with blackboard paint finish- surprising shape but so practical in use

shame to burn all timber off cuts, but so easy to turn them into playful blocks, just some acrylic paint, permanent markers, stickers etc. no limits

doll house bookshelf

vintage clown party outfit- pom poms from my scarf, old flat cap, old GAP top, measuring tape for bow tie, two old rubber belts to make braces ..and a lip stick for red nose

taped picture frame made of japanese masking tape
Samuel 's old wooden toy - set of 10 nested blocks looks fantastic as a room accessory, toys always make lovely home accessories
MDF triangle off cuts painted in blackboard paint - put around the house, now we use for leaving messages to each other or writing shopping lists


  1. You are so clever and imaginative!!! :)

    1. Thank you Niki, nice to see you here :)

  2. Amazing, amazing, amazing! You are so creative I love all of your ideas!! Helena x

  3. You so kind :)having baby definitely frees up creative vibe ;)


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