Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Nook and Cranny and all the other beautiful things that happen...

I must say that Design Market at the Bluecoat was fantastic and I hope upcoming ones will be even better
For me a few good things happen: my 3D graphics
A Lonely Boy and All You Need is Love
have found new fantastic owners.
It was such a pleasure to give my work in hands of people who appreciate their uniqueness.

+ + + + +

A lonely boy- progress shot

All You Need Is Love- progress shot

+ + + + +
my stand

+ + + + +

It enjoyed spending the day with host of fantastic and creative people.
Just to mention few of my favourites:
 Eyeshoot Photography - Sarah's vivid and full of life images from all over the world 
Hannah Bitowski and Frida Khalo style art...
for more have a look at the exhibitors list here

+ + + + +

more good news: 
from now on MESy scrap tote bags are available at lovely boutique Nook & Cranny.
Have a look inside while you are around as there is lots of treasures which might have your name on them.

+ + + + +

inside Nook & Cranny

all images: 

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