Thursday, 28 June 2012

Samuel's favourite book

this has been my favourite children book for ages and 
Samuel comes back to it very often (since he was around 9 months), 
but for last couple of weeks it has been the one and only

Tate publication by David A. Carter you can buy it here
Carter is famous for his illustration and magical series of pop-up books, 
this one is one of them

its not really about reading , but about looking, observing colour, form and space
its dynamic is unbelievable and keeps surprising children 

it is fantastic introduction to art and abstract thinking
highly recommended !

+ + + + + 


  1. Such a cool book! I must look it up. I love it when a book / toy not only looks fab but they love it too - such a bonus! :)

    1. It is great and I must say I love reading it as well. Very different from everything Ive seen and I love David A Carter, such a creative personality.

  2. That's so cute! One of my dearest friends just bought Olive a pop-up book of animals, she loves it! I will have to look this one up also! Helena :-)

    1. She would love this one, its a bit abstract but I think children get abstract better than adults :). Its a book she would go back to through her whole life.

  3. Looks like a fun book! And one that a grown up can enjoy. Will put it on the list of books that would be a great present for friends kids.

    1. Nina, its a great book. I found it refreshing that something so grown up is directed to kids and they actually enjoy it :)


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